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Jake Benson is the CEO and Founder of Libra Services Inc. LibraTax is the first comprehensive tool for calculating capital gains taxes across multiple digital currencies. Previously an IT consultant for Capgemini, Jake’s background is in implementing SAP Payroll systems for global Fortune 500 companies and designing custom interfaces between SAP with 3rd party software. Benson’s startup is the first investment made by CrossCoin Ventures (in association with Ripple Labs). He left his job at Capgemini to focus full time on Libra, “I built this because the onus of being a good citizen and a responsible taxpayer can be especially burdensome for digital currency holders right now given the confusion over how to define digital currency. The pain point around that confusion, though, is ultimately felt by people, not the currency. LibraTax will eliminate much of the anxiety currently felt by those transacting in digital currency.” In the near future, Libra will offer a suite of products that serve the needs of businesses for tracking sales tax and payroll tax for digital currencies.


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    2014年6月 美国,区块链税务公司 美国,区块链税务公司 Libra是位于美国三藩市的区块链初创公司,团队成员多数都来自大型金融公司,包...